Cosy warmth from the air, while others turn on their central heating.
The WPL 25 ACS air source heat pump, designed for outdoor use, still offers first class efficiency even at temperatures well below freezing. High flow temperatures mean that conventional radiators can be used.

High efficiency on a quiet base.
For outdoor installation in particular, low operating noise is essential, especially from the viewpoint of neighbours. The more quiet a heat pump is in operation, the smaller the clearance required to the nearest building.

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Air source heat pump – for utilising outdoor air

  • Air-water heat pump installed outdoors for heating and cooling

  • High efficiency due to demand-dependent control of the inverter compressor

  • Increased efficiency through enhanced saturated vapour injection

  • High coefficient of performance

  • Extremely quiet operation

  • Condensate pan is defrosted efficiently via the refrigerant circuit

  • Time optimised and energy efficient defrosting by reversing the circuit

  • Control via WPM 2.1 or WPM 3 heat pump manager (required accessory)

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