Whether you are experienced or this is your first step into renewables we are here to support you, we have a technical team ready to support you with your project from start to finish. We also provide training in our showroom based in Dorset, England.


Home Owners

Looking to go green? We can put you in contact with installers in your area that will be able to give you a quote for a new ASHP system, We work with many different installation companies that install a wide variety of ASHP brands. 

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What is an ASHP? 

An ASHP (Air Source Heat Pump) is a low carbon alternative to fossil fuels, an ASHP can replace your existing oil or gas boiler and provide you with the same heating and hot water you are use to, an ASHP works by transferring heat absorbed from the outside air to an indoor space via a wet system. 
Swapping from an oil or gas boiler will massively reduce your homes carbon footprint and even reduce your monthly heating bills. You will see a bigger saving when swapping from an oil boiler to an ASHP than you would from a gas boiler to an ASHP.

Oil Boiler

The average Oil Boiler will produce 5.3 tonnes of Carbon per year. 

Gas Boiler

The average Gas Boiler will produce 3.7 tonnes of Carbon per year.


The average ASHP will produce 1.6 tonnes of Carbon per year.

1 Acre of trees will absorb around 2.5 tonnes of carbon each year.

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