SilentWool Floor 1 roll pack

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SilentWool: Floor is a roll of 3mm thick Sheep Wool Insulation, that cushions the impact between the finished surface (laminate, solid or semi-solid wooden floors) and the subfloor (concrete or OSB boards). The layer of wool removes the contact between these two hard surfaces by creating an intermediate layer which absorbs this vibration. SilentWool: Floor rolls are produced in 1m wide rolls and are 20m (65.6 feet) in length. Specification

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An exceptional 21dB Reduction in Impact Sound Level is achieved using SilentWool: Floor insulation. (Test: ISO 140-8 Delta Lw)

Suitable For Underfloor Heating Situations

Impact & Airborne Sound Insulation

Integrated Moisture Protection Layer

Patented Insect Pest Protection

Patented Mould & Mildew Protection

Easy to Cut - Durable & Long Lasting Shape

Inherent Thermal Insulation Performance

Step-by-Step Fitting Instructions

SilentWool: Floor is supplied in 1m width and 20m length rolls. The product should be stored flat on a dry surface.

Floor can be used under solid timber floors, laminate floors, parquet floors and OSB/MDF boards. It can be installed upon joisted, raft and concrete floors as well as OSB/MDF boards.

Step by Step Installation Guide:

Tools Required: Scissors, wide moisture-resistant sticky tape, measuring tape and marking pen.

Preparation: The sub floor must be thoroughly clean and dry. When setting on a concrete floor, ensure surface is even and free from imperfections that may damage the floor being installed.

Installation: By design, SilentWool:  At the walls, take edges of the insulation up the wall by 2cm to avoid sound bridging. Cut around any obstacles using the measuring tape and marking pen for accuracy. Side-by-side sheets should be joined with sticky tape and not overlapped to avoid an uneven finish. Install the floor as per manufacturer’s instructions. Return to the floor edges once complete and fold the insulation behind itself to further insulate from the walls.



SilentWool Floor 1 roll pack
SilentWool Floor 1 roll packSilentWool Floor 1 roll pack


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