Sanden Co2

Sanden Co2

Sanden - a Worldwide Leader in Energy-Efficient Heating/Cooling Technology

Sanden, a leader in the global heating, cooling and refrigeration industries worldwide, develops ground-breaking products that meet customers' requirements.

These products include the Sanden Aquaeco2 Max heat pump water heater. The innovative Aquaeco2 Max is the leading CO2-refrigerant heat pump water heater available in the UK.

With a flexible 2 piece system that is easy to install and featuring high efficiency, reliability and safety it’s the natural choice for installers and consumers. Hot water heating that outperforms electric, gas and oil using the greenest heat pump technology.

As well as hot water provision for the domestic market it’s the ideal solution for any business requiring large amounts of hot water on a daily basis and that’s looking to reduce its costs as well as its carbon footprint. Dairy farms, glampsites & campsites, sports facilities, hotels, schools, colleges and restaurants can all benefit from this cutting edge heat pump system.

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SANDEN CO2 Hot Water Heat PumpSANDEN CO2 Hot Water Heat Pump
SANDEN CO2 Hot Water Heat Pump
Price includes Hot water cylinder and full kit