SANDEN CO2 Hot Water Heat Pump

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Price includes Hot water cylinder and full kit

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 A Green Building Innovation for High-Performance, Ultra Efficient Hot Water

Delivers significant savings on energy bills giving a 3 to 5 year return on investment

Easy installation with only water piping connection between components – no need for refrigeration experience or qualifications

Flexible installation – up to 12 metres distance between heat pump unit and hot water tank

Suitable for new builds, refurbishments and extensions

Hot water produced and stored at 65°C meaning zero risk of legionella

Up to 1000 litres of domestic hot water at 40°C available per unit per day

Multiple heat pump and tank configurations possible to meet high demand applications for domestic & business use

No additional electric back up heating required even at -15°C

Whisper quiet operation

Low maintenance costs - the sealed for life thermodynamic loop requires no refrigerant refill

Ideal for businesses and consumers looking to save money as well as lower their carbon footprint as CO2 has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) rating of just 1

Fully compliant with all existing and future regulation – particularly important as environmentally damaging HFC refrigerant gases with GWP of up to 1900 are being phased out

Sanden Aquaeco2 Max heat pump water heater

Highly efficient, cost effective hot water heating that outperforms electric, gas and oil

Excellent efficiency for water heating and also low-temperature space heating

Greenest heat pump technology – CO2 refrigerant has a global warming potential of just 1

Ideal for low energy buildings – now the main trend in new buildings in Europe

Compliant with latest building (including passive) requirements: high energy efficiency and use of renewables

Extremely quiet during operation, fully tested and certified

Provides hot water at 65°C even when the outside temperature drops as low as -15°C

Flexible two piece installation – heat pump & hot water cylinder

No refrigerant circuit connections needed at installation

Kit price includes the following

1x 4.5kw CO2 SANDEN Aquaeco2 Heat Pump Unit 1x Un-vented direct hot water cylinder including 1 ¼” un-vented kit, expansion vessel and 6kw emergency backup immersion heater 1x Air Duct-Duo Kit rear connection kit 2x 15mm full bore Flexible connections 1x Delivery to site UK only

Hot water tank standard sizes: 200l, 300l, 450l and 750l (can be manufactured to any capacity as required)

SCOP (Seasonal Coefficient of Performance) greater than 3.2 for all capacities and up to a maximum COP of 4.5 (EN16147)

100% heat pump operation without electric back-up from -15°C to +43°C

Outside air ducted to indoor heat pump

Heat capacity: 3.5kW Eco mode to 4.5kW Boost mode

Power supply: ~230V, single-phase, 50Hz, max 20A


SANDEN CO2 Hot Water Heat Pump
SANDEN CO2 Hot Water Heat PumpSANDEN CO2 Hot Water Heat PumpSANDEN CO2 Hot Water Heat Pump

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