Established in 1967 Jaga are world leaders in radiator design and innovation to include being

Manufacturers of a wide range of energy-efficient heating solutions.

Jaga products include LST (low surface temperature) radiators, radiators specially designed for use with heat pumps, fan assisted dynamic heating and ventilation systems, trench and perimeter heating solutions and eye-catching designer radiators. The Jaga range is suitable for new build or refurb work in homes, offices, hotels, residential healthcare and sheltered housing, hospitals, public buildings, schools and colleges and educational building projects.

Many Jaga products are based the unique Low-H2O technology. Low-H2O means “low mass, low water content” so they heat a room far quicker than other radiators, maintain the temperature more accurately, and therefore reduce energy consumption. Jaga products work with all modern boiler types and some Jaga heating solutions have been designed specifically to work effectively with heat pumps or other low temperature heating systems.


Jaga have a large section of radiators available, we have listed the Strada DBE although we can supply anything from their range. Please call us if you can’t find the specific radiator you need.

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