Heat Batteries

Heat Batteries store excess energy generated from Solar PV as heat, which can be later used to provide hot water on demand. 

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SunAmp PV
SunAmp PV
SunampPV is designed to store excess electricity from a Solar PV array as heat. It can later deliver fast-flowing hot water on-demand. No need for a water tank or an immersion heater. And it works perfectly with combi boilers or instant water heaters (gas, oil, LPG or electric). Because its small – it fits. Wall-mount (with accessory kit); floor-mount; in a cupboard; in the garage; where you want. No other PV-driven, compact hot water system is compatible with a combination boiler. SunampPV, connected to a typical 4kW PV system, could save up to £300 per year from your home energy bills.