GRA111 Heating/Cooling mixing

Circulation unit mixing Hot & Cold water ESBE GRA111 ARA661+VRG437

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The ESBE series GRA100 is a circulation unit series with mixing function for heating and cooling applications. A new innovative solution has made it possible to optimize the mixing precision, all to be able to deliver the correct and optimal amount of energy the system require at every situation. The circulation unit has a capacity up to 40kW and is within this range designed to work perfectly regardless of the system energy need. Equipped with High efficiency circulation pump and a tailor-made insulation you can be sure that ESBE delivers the best circulation unit for both your economy as well as for the environment. When designing the circulation unit product line the focus at ESBE has been to simplify installation. This goes through the whole product from mounting brackets, insulation to packaging design. The ESBE GRA100 units are controlled by ESBE ARA661, an actuator with 3-point (open/close) signal is a perfect match for mixing operations together with an external controller. The compact actuator has an operating range of 90° and can easily be manually operated by the pull-and-turn knob on the front of the cover


GRA111 Heating/Cooling mixing

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