Dimplex SRX080BG Smartrad Black 800W

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Ideal for use with heat pumps or condensing boilers.

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SmartRad black glass front 800 watts nominal

Energy efficient alternative to conventional radiators

Cost effective practical alternative to under floor heating

DESIGNED FOR LOW WATER TEMPERATURE OPERATION: Optimises heat pump CoP, Reduces heat pump running costs ,Reduces heat pump CO2 emissions ,Fast response/room heat up due to very low water content ,4 x faster room heat up time, 70% less energy consumption to bring a room to 21C from 10C, Responsive reaction to incidental heat gains, Low surface temperature,

INDIVIDUAL TEMPERATURE CONTROL:,-Close tolerance electronic thermostat providing automatic control over fan speed output,-Delivers high levels of comfort through improved room temperature stability,Optional plug-in 24-hour or 7-day programmers

0.43L Capacity

530mm (h)

503mm (w)

145mm (d)



Dimplex SRX080BG Smartrad Black 800W



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