Daikin Air Purifier MC70LVM

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A Daikin air purifier improves the quality of your air indoors, with its advanced technology and ultra quiet operation. A Daikin air purifier is ideal if you suffer from asthma, hay fever or allergies, particularly if your condition keeps you awake at night. With a 6-layer powerful decomposition and removal system, Daikin’s air purifier helps eliminate bacteria, airborne particles, allergens, pollen and unpleasant odours.

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Streamer Discharge is what makes a Daikin Air Purifier so effective. The Streamer’s plasma discharge of high-speed electrons activates oxygen and nitrogen molecules, rendering them capable of oxidative bacteria decomposition – one of the most effective ways to eliminate bacteria, viruses, mould & allergens from the air.

Daikin’s Steamer Discharge technology has a wider discharge range than conventional, glow discharge air filters, for an oxidative decomposition speed over 1,000 times faster, and is perfectly safe for your family.



Daikin Air Purifier MC70LVM
Daikin Air Purifier MC70LVMDaikin Air Purifier MC70LVMDaikin Air Purifier MC70LVMDaikin Air Purifier MC70LVMDaikin Air Purifier MC70LVM

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