ASHP Soakaway



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ASHP soak away has been specially designed to accommodate the condensate from defrost cycles from all domestic sized heat pumps, where drain routing is not available.

The volume of condensate from an ASHP is typically double the volume created from a boiler. Our soak away is sized to take between 10-15 litres per hour.

This solution prevents soil ingress, comes with a 32 mm inlet, is easy to install and ensures condensate is removed of safely from paths and driveways which could potentially be slips hazards in cold freezing weather conditions.

• Comes complete with recycled rubber chippings.
• Simple to install.
• 32 mm inlet.
• Sized to handle between 10-15 litres of condensate per hour.
• Pre-bagged geo textile material to prevent soil ingress.
• Not suitable for clay based soils.


ASHP Soakaway

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