Benefit from free hot water from your Solar PV.

22nd February 2017

The key to maximising the benefits of your Solar PV system is being able to use the electricity that it generates yourself. A number of manufacturers have successfully developed the technology to divert excess electricity from your PV panels, that would normally be exported, to your hot water cylinder. The immersion heater in the cylinder is then only used when supplied with free electricity from your panels.

Until recently, homes with combi boilers could not benefit in this way as a cylinder was required. British manufacture Sunamp have solved this problem by creating a heat battery that can store excess electricity in the form of heat. It can later deliver hot water, on-demand with no need for a water tank or an immersion heater.

Although the technology is considered ground-breaking, there are already over 1000 installed within the U.K and after another round of industry awards recently this number is expected to grow rapidly.  

The batteries are compact and can be installed in less than 5 hours with only minimal disruption. They are non-toxic and have an expected lifespan of 30+ years. Another major benefit is the low heat loss from the batteries when the heat is not utilised immediately. This is only a small fraction compared to that of a traditional hot water tank meaning most of the diverted heat is used, even if it’s not used straight away. Whilst the benefits when combined with your Solar PV system are clear, those without Solar can also benefit by utilizing off peak electricity tariffs to fill the battery.

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